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Bright Day™ animal feed offerings are non-GMO Project Verified, soy-based protein inputs designed to deliver strong performance and healthy animals. With Bright Day™, you can grow your business while contributing to a better food system.

Sustainable, Soy-Based, High Performance Animal Feed Inputs

Bright Day™ animal feed inputs make an impact from the start, all the way from the animals’ feed to the consumers’ food. Maintain performance and improve your bottom line through features such as the following:

Increased protein content1

Reduced anti-nutritionals1

Improved feed conversion2

Effortless scalability


Better sustainability profile

Compared to commodity soy protein concentrate, Bright Day has the potential to:

Reduce CO2e by up to 50%3
Reduce water use by up to 70%3
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As a scalable, sustainable, and highly digestible soy feed input that’s Non-GMO Project Verified, Bright Day™ swine delivers more protein and lower amounts of indigestible antinutrients per unit compared to commodity soybean meal1, without the soy protein concentrate price tag. Maintaining feed conversion and weight gain is easy with protein-heavy feed inputs from Bright Day™.



Maintain performance at a lower cost with better feed conversion. Non-GMO Project Verified Bright Day™ animal feed inputs for poultry delivers a boost in metabolizable energy2 and higher protein concentration with low amounts of indigestible antinutrients compared to commodity soybean meal1, allowing you to get more out of your soybean meal at an efficient cost.



With strong proven performance in salmonids, marine finfish, shrimp and other aquaculture species, Bright Day™ aqua is a more sustainable and affordable alternative to soy protein concentrate for sensitive species with high protein requirements4. Made from traceable, US-grown grain, Bright Day™ aqua provides nutritious options at a more efficient cost, while contributing to digestibility.

Backed by Benson Hill’s Cutting-Edge Data Science Foundation

Bright Day™ feed inputs are developed by Benson Hill, a food tech company dedicated to unlocking the natural genetic diversity of plants with its cutting-edge food innovation engine, CropOS™ and the data science foundation of Cloud Biology™ to create healthier food and ingredient options. Bright Day™ products represent Benson Hill’s commitment to sustainable, accessible products that perform.

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1 - Compared to commodity soybean meal. Based on third-party lab results, 2021.

2 - Compared to commodity soybean meal. Based on third-party feeding trial data, 2020.

3 - Based on preliminary Life Cycle Assessment results. Blonk Consultants, April 2021.

4 - Based on feeding trails conducted by various external parties, 2014-2019.